ГДЗ Английский язык Рабочая тетрадь за 2 класс Кузовлев, Перегудова Просвещение 2011 ФГОС

ГДЗ Английский язык Рабочая тетрадь  за 2 класс Кузовлев, Перегудова  Просвещение 2011  ФГОС
Кузовлев В.П., Перегудова Э.Ш., Пастухова С.А.
ГДЗ решебник Английский язык рабочая тетрадь 2 класс Кузовлёв Просвещение 2011 ФГОС с ответами онлайн бесплатно!
Ответы из решебника

Lesson 1. Hi, Helen! Hi, Mike!

Lesson 2. I like Minnie!

Lesson 3-4. I’m nice!

Lesson 5. Henny Penny, you are cute!

Lesson 6-7. Angelina is a talented ballerina!

Lesson 8. Angelina likes dancing

Lesson 10. Ord likes painting

Lesson 11. Cassie is not a monster!

Lesson 12. I like Mother Goose rhymes

Lesson 13. We are friends

Lesson 14. Charlie is nice!

Lesson 15. His name is Teddy

Lesson 17. This is the English ABC

Lesson 18. I like animals

Lesson 19. Let’s play!

Lesson 20. Is Izzy an animal

Lesson 21. Are you good at football

Lesson 22. This is a little Indian girl

Lesson 23. There is a river in my village

Lesson 24. Who are you (Урок повторения)

Lesson 25 – 26. I am a Christmas Elf! (Урок повторения)

Lesson 27. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Lesson 29. I am Peter Pan!

Lesson 30. Wendy and her family

Lesson 31. I have got a nice family

Lesson 32. Peter Pan hasn’t got a mother

Lesson 33. Have you got a sister

Lesson 34. What are they like

Lesson 35. Today is Friday

Lesson 36. Let’s go by ship!

Lesson 37. I can fly!

Lesson 38. Can you swim

Lesson 39. We can skateboard very well

Lesson 40. There are flamingoes on the island!

Lesson 41. Is there a cave on the island

Lesson 42. They are good friends! (Урок повторения)

Lesson 43. Who are they (Урок повторения)

Lesson 44. Make your own book!

Lesson 45. Do you live in the house

Lesson 46. Do you like apples

Lesson 47. Does Wendy like red

Lesson 48. Does Wendy like swimming

Lesson 49. Does Hellen like reading

Lesson 50. The pirates chase the Indians!

Lesson 51. Piter Pan plays the pipes!

Lesson 52. Does Wendy cook well

Lesson 53. Does your mother tell you tales

Lesson 54. What do you like (Урок повторения)

Lesson 55. Let’s play school! (с. 99 – 100)

Lesson 56. Let’s do a project! (с. 101)

All about me (с. 104 – 109)

My Friend (с. 113 – 116)